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AI based Cognitive,
Feedback-Loop and Skill Enhancement platform.

Why BillionSkills ? How you can improve your skills and have a better Career

  • To Analyze yourself and your Skills
  • To Acquire more knowledge & sharpen your skills
  • Create better Resumes & Web presence
  • Get More Exposure
  • Apply for Better Jobs and Internships
  • And finally to have a better Career

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Go through our features and know how you can improve your skills and have a better Career.


You can participate in Challanges like Coding Challange, Hackerthon etc. The successfull candidates will be awarded.

Resumes and Webpage

Resumes : You can find different Templates of Resumes, choose one and make it yours. A professional resume which will help you in job. Webpage : A one page Website will be created through which you can explore yourself.

Jobs and Internships

There are many jobs or intership. Apply them and wait for a interview.


Increase your Connections in the Network. Make new friends who can help you in solving different real life problems in your career.

Improve your Skills

We can understand the skills from your resume. We shall also help you, enhance them for a your better future.

Analyze Yourself

Different Competitions, Mock Tests etc are there to analyze yourself. It will help you to get your strength and weakness.


A registered user can enroll in the programs like Short Term Courses, Training programs etc.