Learning (LMS)

Why Magnox Learning (LMS) ?


Excellent system to keep your lectures and resources, share them with your students and notfy your students when required.

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Communicate with your students through different means like notice, messages when it is required.

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Live Classroom

Schedule a Lecture, Start the lecture with your students with our video Conference.

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Give students assignment or test, let them answer and find how they are performing.

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Promote new courses with the portal users. It will help to reach more people in minutees.

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We have developed a very organized solution so that you can use it and be relax

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Option to save the marks of all the students who are there in the Course. Option to change weightage of different assesments and to add new one.

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Doubt Box

Students can ask about their Doubts in the class, we are using AI to understand their problems and present their questions infront of the teacher

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More Apps

More Apps are comming soon

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