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Integrated Process and Information Management System

It is basically a Process Management System
Reflection is shown in the website of Institutes/ Colleges/ Departments
Reflection is shown in the Departments, Research Scholars, facilities
It is like a Small ERP where all process are integrated with each other.
Contolled by Hierarchy Structure, Accounts of different hierarchy levels.

Hierarchy based Integrated Process and Information Management System

Why PIMS Web? How can it help the Institute or department get adequate exposure ?

  • Create an Excellent Website
  • Integrate all the information and display whereever you want.
  • Fully Dynamic and Customizable
  • Excellent plug and play Process Management System
  • Contolled by Hierarchy Structure, Accounts of different hierarchy levels.
  • Trusted by Institutes of National Importance

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User Hierarchy

The application will be Hierarchy based so the User with higher level will have more priority. While running the process the User need to have permission of the higher level user to continue the process.

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Data Integration

:- Data Integration is the highly done. Once an User add an information, the same will reflect in his/her home page, in his/her Academic Unit, College /University.

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Everything will be modular. Admin can share the permission of using the module to any person and as well as block it. The user details will be visible to the Admin as well.

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Security is one of the major concern. Apart from the General Security features there is option to put 2 way password as well. Apart from SSL certificate there is Google captcha in every user accounts. Read more about the Security features which we follow.

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Process Automation

Automation is the need of the Day. We use Automation to minimize the work and make easy for people. We have implemented automation in different process like Admission, Examination, Admit Card, Results and other Academic Process.

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IPIMS is highly customizable. It is made for the Academics. It already it is highly tuned and customized based on the users feedback. There are different options through which the Admin can further customize it. He can also create a User give him/her the option to customize the System.

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Processes We Manage

User Management

Management of the users or the people associated with the organization and their accounts. Every user will have a basic or default role. Processes and the functionalities or the roles can be customizable so users can be allotted a new role or can be removed from it. Promotion, Leaves, User functionalities, Permission and Restriction is controlled by this module.

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:- Any kind of updates like News, Achievements (of Faculty, Students) , Notices, Upcoming Events, Tenders are controlled by this module. Option to assign users to control it and people of Higher Authority or Incharge of the respective section must approve the modification to make it live.

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The Academic processes like Admission, Registration, Sending Admit Cards to the Digital Wallet of the Students, Online Tests, Automatic preparation of Mark Sheet, Certificates etc. Our processes can help you to streamline your Academic Process and also help in having hustle less experience.

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The repositories is a Small Digital Library where you can save any file, the contents of any form and the contents will be easily searchable. Contents here will be like Students Thesis, Course Documents, Syllabus etc which can be an asset for the future.

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Content Management System plays an important role for creating a Website which will be integrated with the Process Management System. It can create the templates, create a page and position according to your need.

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Course Management

Enroll into a Course or create one of your own. Lectures, Resources will be shared by the faculty for the students, Assessment will be given to the students, Evaluation can be done conveniently.Notices can be send to the Students and their can also ask their doubts to the teachers.

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Alumni Portal

Alumni Portal can manage the alumni, help them to connect with their Alma Mater, Share their experience with the students. Provide hiring and training info, take part in Alumni Events and Reunions. Provide Donation to the Institute for any purpose, for campaigns etc.

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Placement Management

The Professor -in-charge Training and Placement will be admin of the account, He can send notices, invite students to submit their resume. When a company comes for placement, He can notify the students and ask them to submit the latest resume.

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Students Portal

Students account where they can find the solution for all their needs like Digital Wallet to store their academic certificates and marks sheet, Connect with other students and teachers to discuss their doubts, Apply for jobs etc.

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