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In today’s era, advanced technologies are developing day by day. Behind the growing technology era, many types of engineers evolved to create a smart world and smart technology. One of them is also a software engineer who is developing technology very quickly. In this article, I am going to share with you how to become a software engineer? Myths about becoming a software engineer?

Most of the students are confused about their future careers and they can not get decided what to do to make a successful career in software engineering. This is a common problem of all 10th and 12th students mostly but there are also bachelor students who also think about their future career.

Today’s I am going to discuss how to make a career as a software engineer or software developer. I am also a software developer and I have faced so many issues and so many myths because the different types of people live in society and they say different points according to their knowledge and mind. After listening to all those points, students get confused and they think what should I do next?

Let’s see what is software engineering first? So that you can understand each point easily.

What is software engineering?

Software engineering is the process of analyzing the user requirements and designing, developing and testing those requirements in the form of software application and implemented it onto the user computer or server and also satisfy the user because user satisfaction is the most important part of the software designing process.

In another word, we can say that it is the process of analyzing problem, gathering information about that problem and make a solution of that problem with the help of software.

Let’s see what is software? Software is a collection of data and instructions that tells the computers or instruct the computer that how to do this process or how to do this work.

Let’s understand this with a real example. In a car, there are so many options available to drive and handle the car. This is designed by the human to reach the destination quickly. The car is made by too many parts like handle, clutch, Tyre, engine etc. In this example, all parts of the car are data and instructions.

Software developers develop software to save time. For example, when you go to the bank to deposit cash then you go to the cashier desk and submit your amount with a deposit form. Now cashier enters your account number on their computer to verify your account. The cashier takes a few minutes to verify and credit the amount in your bank account because of software. The software makes that process easy and it also saves time, money and data duplication.

How to make career as a Software engineer?

To become a software engineer, you need to know first what software engineers or developers do. Software developer develops a software application of different sectors like banking, education, hospital, research, etc.

You must have seen traffic lights on roads and at the railway station to handle the speed of vehicles and also manage traffic by different lights. This is developed by a software developer and engineer. In bank ATM, ATM machines are computerized and it is managed by software this is also developed by software developers and engineers.

I hope that you must have to understand what software developers do? Let’s see how to make a career as a software developer or software engineer?

If you want to become a software developer then you must have knowledge of any programming language by which you can develop a software application. There is no need for qualification to become a better software developer but most of the top companies ask for your qualification.

If you are a student of 10th or 12th class and if you want to make your career in the software development field in the future then I suggest you do graduation with a computer science degree like BCA, B.Sc (Computer application), B. Tech, etc.

Myths to get a job as a software developer

There are some common myths that every student faces. I am also a software developer and I have faced these issues which I am mentioning here. Read it carefully and do not get confused about these topics.

  • Marks problem: If your marks percentage is very low in your qualification then it doesn’t affect your career anyhow but always tries to get the highest marks in your qualification because top companies see your marks percentage.
  • Qualification: Most of the people say that you need a computer science degree to become a software developer that is not true. If you have knowledge of programming language, you can become a better software developer or software engineer.
  • English speaking: In India, most of the students come from the village area that’s why they can’t speak English fluently. English language matters in the software development field because most of the projects come from foreign countries. In foreign countries, everyone speaks English and other languages. Most of the companies give jobs in software developer field in their native language. So don’t get disappointed.

Now, let’s see what should you do if your marks are less in your qualification. I had same problem and today I have placed in a multinational company as a senior software developer. In this case, first try to join small companies and get experience certificate by working on that comapnies.

After becoming an experienced developer, marks values are less because your experience certificate increases your value for companies.

Steps to become a software engineer

Now, I am going to tell you a few steps to become a successful software engineer or developer. As you all know that technologies are growing day by day. So, demanding of software engineers or developers is very high according to the current technology era.

First set your goal

Most of the students want to become a software developer and they also prepare for government jobs in another field but it is not good because you need to set your goal and you have to always focus on your goal to make a successful career.

Set your goal according to your interest because interests are everything. You can’t learn or achieve anything without your interest.

Get a degree in Computer field and related field

To become a software developer, you must have a bachelor’s degree in any field because most of the companies want to hire that person who has a minimum bachelor’s degree. If you are a student of 10th and 12th then I suggest you get a bachelor’s degree in the computer field, it helps students to learn many things about computer basics.

Interviewers always ask basic knowledge of software development like Algorithm, Variables, etc. If you get a degree in the computer science field then you will learn about these basic topics. In case of another degree, don’t get disappointed, you can learn these basic topics from the internet. These are not more complex topics, you can easily learn these topics.

Select a special language

In college, you learned about different programming languages but only basics. Now, you have to select any special language to do specialization that means getting more knowledge of any special programming language by which you can develop complete software. These are Python, C#, PHP, Java, etc.

Do an internship

This is the time to do an internship where you will learn too many new things about developing software applications. Always try to do an internship in a company rather than institutes because the company has many projects and you will get to learn new things in project development.

Only developing a project can’t become a successful software developer, you also need to know about security features to keep secure your project from hackers. You will learn more about security features that how to keep projects secure. You will learn this in a company, not in an institute.

Always be updated

Technologies are growing day by day and in this situation, you also need to be updated about the latest technology. So that you can work with the latest technology. Always read articles on the internet because most of the books are not updated in the college. So, be updated with the help of the internet.

Join software engineering groups on social media

Social media is one of the most popular platforms to be updated about technology, news, and many more. It is also the best platform for entertainment. By joining groups on social media, you can learn more about the latest technology features and also learn the higher-level code.

On social media, you can also share your code problem and you will get different types of answers by different people. Through this process, you will learn programming in different ways.

Build small-level project

Small-level projects are those projects which are developed by beginners at the time of learning. Always develop your skills by making a small project. There are so many types of projects available for beginners to learn about coding. You can develop software for small school management, shop management, hospital management, etc.

Read code developed by an experienced developer

An experienced developer always writes code in short form because writing less code doing more work. Writing less code also saves development time, execution time, process time, etc.

Always try to read code that is developed by an experienced developer. Nowadays, you will get the complete project developed by beginners and professionals. Search about it on the internet, it will show thousands of projects.

Preparing for interview

If you know how to develop a software application, then you can prepare for the interview. In an interview, they ask simple questions from freshers because they know that freshers have limited knowledge of developing a project.

Try to find out videos and articles on the internet that how to prepare for an interview. One thing always kept in mind that never get hesitated in the first interview because most of the students hesitate in their first interview. I was also. Always try to learn new things in every interview.


In this article, we learned how to become a software engineer or software developer? Let’s see a summary of this article in short.

  • Software engineering is the process of analyzing the problem of the user requirement, gathering information from the user and other sources, developing their solution, testing and maintaining their product. The complete process is done by a software engineer.
  • Myths to get a software developer job is: marks percentage must be better, bachelor in computer science must but it is not true anyhow.
  • Step to becoming a software developer: first set your goal and always focus on your goal until you achieve it.
  • Get a bachelor degree
  • Specialized in any one programming language so that you can develop a better application
  • Do an internship in a company instead of doing in an institute.
  • Always be updated according to technology updates.
  • Join communities on social media to learn new things and be updated.
  • Build a small level project first in your college life. The college will never teach you how to develop an application? So, always learn it from anywhere like your seniors, from the internet.
  • Read code which is developed by experienced or professional developers
  • Prepare for an interview and give an interview. Always try to learn new things from all interviews.

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