What is Laptop? Uses of laptop and it’s advantages and disadvantages

What is Laptop

In today’s technology era, everyone has a laptop. It is just like a mobile device which is used in our daily life to perform different types of operations like Gaming, Photo editing, developing software applications, creating content for YouTube and blog but when anyone asks you what is a laptop or tell me the definition of the laptop then you are not able to give complete details about the laptop.

In this tutorial, I am going to share with you what is the laptop? Why it is used? Uses of the laptop? Advantages and disadvantages and history of the laptop?

What is Laptop?

The laptop is a portable personal computer that has all features of a desktop computer. You can easily carry it from one location to another location. It is the combination of many inputs, output, processing, and storage devices like keyboard, pointing device (touchpad or trackball), display screen, speaker, microphone, processor, memory, disk space, etc.

It is also known as Notebook. It provides the facility to work in any environment without any power connections because it has an internal battery that servers power for several hours. It also has an external power adapter to charge the battery or work with a direct power supply.

Nowadays, webcams, microphones, touchscreen, Bluetooth, WiFi, Graphics card are integrated with laptops to perform different types of operations with different features like webcam is used for recording video, Microphones are used for converting real sound into an electrical signal to transmit it over the wire.

Use of laptop

Everywhere laptops are used. Let me tell you in detail where laptops are used in today’s technology era. It is used in many places such as in banks, hospitals, education, research, shops, etc. Let’s see one by one:

In education field

Everyone wants to be educated. In today’s technology era, technologies are upgrading day by day and in this situation, everyone needs to be updated with the latest technology for a better life because if they don’t get updated with the latest technology then they are not able to take a job in today’s environment. So, in the education field, laptops are used to educating students.

Computer students must have a laptop instead of a desktop computer because they need to carry in computer classes for practicals and if they have a desktop computer then they are not able to carry from home to college.

In Banking Sector

Generally, desktop computers are used in banks but laptops are used by the senior people because they need to travel from one location to another location for their work.

In hospital

Nowadays, hospitals are changing their old technology to modern technology according to the modern era. So, laptops are used instead of the desktop computer because the desktop computer takes much space to put on the table.


Every person wants to play the game in their free time for entertainment purpose and laptop provides an easy and comfortable way to play the game. Most laptops have a graphics card that is best for loading game design on their system.

The modern laptop has a microphone and speaker also that provides the facility to talk with each other through voice and enjoying the game.

In the same way, laptops are used on shop, companies.

Advantages and Disadvantages of laptop

Now, we will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the laptop. There are many advantages of a laptop and also its disadvantages exist. Let’s see its advantages first after that we will learn its disadvantages.

There are following advantages of laptop:

Saving table space

As we all know that laptop sizes are smaller and thinner than the desktop computer that’s why it takes small space on the table and it saves too much space on our environment.

Easy to carry

It is a portable device and portable devices are made to carry easily from one location to another location. It is small and thin that is the reason we can keep it into a bag and easily carry from one location to another location when we are traveling from own city to another city.

This is the best choice for all students or employees because they need to switch from one city to another city for better education and for a better job. In this situation, everyone has to take their computer with them.

Work in any environment

As we know that laptop has an internal battery to serve power for several hours. Sometimes, we need to move at that location where light problems occurs. In this situation, laptop is better than the desktop computer.

Do not need external input / output devices

It has inbuilt input-output devices such as a keyboard, pointing device, speaker, microphones, webcams, display screen, etc. that’s why we don’t need to purchase external devices. It saves money from purchasing external devices like webcams or microphones because webcams and microphones are not inbuilt in the desktop computer.

Disadvantages of Laptop

We saw its advantages. Now we will know about the disadvantages of a laptop. There are various disadvantages of laptops:

Slower than the Desktop computer: It is little bits slower in comparison to the desktop computer because its processor size is small in comparison to the desktop computer.

Easily broken: As we all know that all laptops come with foldable features that’s why it is easily broken because it is always folded to keep in the bag. It is also folded when we travel into public transport and by chance, if it is fall then it is also broken.

Very difficult to repair: It has limited features and all features are inbuilt that’s why it is difficult to repair in comparison of the desktop computer.

High Price: It comes with a high price because it is a portable device and it has inbuilt features.

History of laptop

In 1968, the idea of a personal portable information manipulator (laptop computer) comes in the mind of Alan Kay while is working in Xerox PARC. Alan Kay is an American computer scientist and PARC is an American research and development company.

The IBM 5100 was the first commercially portable computer, appeared in September 1975. It was weighted as 55 Pounds (Approx 25 KG) and had 5 inch CRT display, tape drive, 1.9 MHz PALM Processor, and 64 KB RAM.

In the below image, Alan Kay with their imagined portable computer Dynabook. This image is taken from Wikipedia and its original source is flicker. Source of this image.

Alan Kay with the concept of Dynabook
Alan Kay with the concept of Dynabook

The first truly portable computer was released in April 1981 that was designed by Adam Osborne that’s why it was named Osborne I. It was weighted as 24.5 pounds and had a 5-inch display, 64 KB memory, two 5 1/4″ floppy drives, and CP/M 2.2 operating system. It was included a model and its price was 1795 dollars.

Final Words

In most of the interviews, the interviewer asks for the basic knowledge and most of the job seekers rejected because they don’t give the answer to the basic questions. Most of the things you are using in your daily life but you can’t explain it that what is it?

Always try to know about the definition of that thing which you are using in your daily life. In this tutorial, you learned what is a laptop? where it is used? Advantages and disadvantages of laptops and the history of laptops.

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